Moving is Hard...When You Have to Watch Every Single Move

November 05, 2013

Moving day is extremely hectic...those of you who have done some moving in the past can hopefully relate to my pain.

I've moved so many times in my life that I've currently lost count, but each experience has been definitely something to remember. Every time I move I end up losing something or find that something that I've packed is no longer with us. Most of us, including myself, love to expect the best of people especially when it comes to a paid service such as a moving company. We expect that they will move everything and we'll only have the organizing and sorting left over for us to do. In my case, I've always found that something valuable has gone missing; something is always missing and when I go back to the old house to check, it's never there. So my first thought goes to, "Did someone rob us?" Of course not! I must have misplaced it somewhere and it has to be somewhere under all this luggage, right? Beginning my job at a security camera system company has made me a little more aware of my options. I brought a few of our IP cameras to the new house. I made sure that I had registered my internet connection before my move in date. I was ready. I wasn't losing any more items even if it meant assuming the worst. I made sure all the cameras were set up. It didn't have to be discreet. I just wanted to have my eyes all over the place; leaving no blind spots. I watched the moving company move boxes after boxes to designated rooms. If a guy looked confused, I spoke through the two way talk function letting him know where he had to go. I did, however, notice a guy who kept looking up at the cameras. He seemed to go into every room checking on cameras. He finally walked into a room where I had placed the camera inside a closet. He failed to see the camera and started opening up a few boxes. I decided t watch for a bit; I had to be sure he was doing something wrong before confronting him about it. I saw him dig through some bags while putting some things in his pocket only to come back in a few minutes with fresh empty pockets ready for a new haul. Of course, I had set my cameras up for live viewing as well as instant upload to our Cloud service. I brought this up with their manager, pointed out the guy and got my stuff back. I was surprised at what I had found in their stash. I found my digital camera, an old phone, my external hard drive, and a few flash drives stashed under what seemed like a rug inside the truck. I'm not saying that all moving companies do this; maybe I just have some really bad luck. You don't always have to install cameras like I did in order to avoid such problems but for someone moving alone like myself, it's not a bad alternative. As if moving, in general, wasn't difficult enough.

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