Monday Blues

August 26, 2013

**A little background into who we are at Soltech US Corp. No matter how much you love your job, and no matter how much you normally enjoy coming to work, you just don't feel that way on Monday mornings. It's always hard to get up on Monday mornings only to find that the weekend has flown by and disappeared in a moments notice. I walk to my car and drive over to the office in the hopes that sales are good today and that nothing too crazy blows up in my face in the office. I always get to the office a little early and allow myself to wake up before walking into the building. Selling security systems isn't the most exciting job in the world but selling them in the hopes that people find the security they need is sometimes enough to get me out of bed. The amount of phone calls I receive from concerned customers is insurmountable. People who express concern about burglars coming in the night as well as business owners who fear they may be getting robbed; the need for security is something to never overlook. No matter how you look at it, there will always be a situation you find yourself in where you kick yourself saying "I wish I had that on tape." Whether its an accident or petty theft, the one thing that most people are missing is solid evidence. So do I provide that personally? No. But I do provide people with a means to do so. Sales representatives never have anything good to say about their jobs. All we have are people constantly badgering us with simple questions or people constantly yelling at us about some sort of problem that wasn't caused by us. Sure we get that here too but who can blame them? Security systems are bought and utilized for the sole purpose of security, so what type of question would you not want to ask or what sort of malfunction would you not complain about? These are the thoughts that run through my mind as I step into my office and sit at my cubicle this morning. A mindset in need of prepping for the beating it's about to face during the day as well as the need to do the customer service with a smile on my face. As an employee I do very much so admire the people I work with. Everyone here has a sense of patience that I've never really dealt with too much. Everyone is willing to help and is willing to assist an irritated customer to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our belief is that making money is one thing but placing customer satisfaction on our pedestal is what will make us successful. We want to make those days where you're wondering "will I ever speak to a human being on the phone" completely null and void. Why should you have to talk to an automated service when they're only programmed to garner certain information only to be asked the same questions again later? So the Monday blues? Sure, we all have them. No one wants to get into the office first thing after a nice weekend off. I come in with the same mindset as well as the rest of my coworkers, but the mindset we hold dear and have learned to embody is completely different the moment we sit at our desks. You have a problem? We want to fix it. Have a concern? We want to address it. Security is our game and we're helping others play it. We're only human, so we may make our mistakes from time to time. But here at Soltech, we strive for the best and in doing so offer our customers the best in the hopes that they can feel safe and secure in their homes as well as their purchases. Best Regards, Soltech Security

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