False Sense of Security

September 26, 2013

Society in general seems to be taking a turn for the worst. 

Has crime been rampant in the past as well? Sure, but was it as publicized as it is today? Definitely not. 

There were gang fights, murders, revenge kills, and more way back in the past. We had despicable actions done on to humans by other humans. Peace may have been existent in some places and those may have been the places that we knew of, but I'm sure there were many things that were hidden from us; a false sense of peace, if you will. 

Today, whether is through the news, internet or social media, we see everything that goes one; well, not everything. We see news coverage not only from just our own neighborhoods, but also from other states and other countries. We want to believe that safety and security is easily obtained, but people live with at least a small bit of fear that something bad may happen. 

We install security cameras, motion detectors, alarm systems and more to prevent such things. What happened to the good old days when being oblivious meant happiness? We live in constant fear because now we have knowledge, true or false, readily available to us through television and internet. We don't have to wait for the paper to roll out in the morning to be shocked out of our minds while eating breakfast. Word travels at unimaginable speeds across the internet, and with the help of social media there is no way that you cannot know about a certain event. 

Opening up CNN this morning revealed several topics that were considered "TOP" US stories and there we have shootings, suicide, rape, torture and murder. Sure there are good things on the news as well, but knowing that these stories come from all over the US, I can't help but wonder how unrealistic is it for me to think it could possibly happen to me or to someone I know? 

Our entire society hasn't gone to garbage but we are definitely more knowledgeable about those that have taken a ride down the garbage chute. Here we live thinking the world is being made into a better place where home is where safety and security reside. We as a society need to change in order for that thought process to be true.

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