All in 30 Minutes: 6 Cars Pulled Over and Tailed by a Police Officer

July 05, 2013

We've all gotten the warning that there will be extra vigilance by the police on July 4th; it's humorous how people don't heed such warnings. As humorous as that is, it is also irritating and infuriating when you get pulled over for doing nothing wrong. We all know that the moment an officer pulls you over and has decided he's going to write that ticket, we're in for some hefty payments from our wallets regardless of whether we did right or wrong. In the court room we're stuck with the officer's story and our story; it hardly ever goes our way. Last night, I saw 6 cars get pulled over, most driving fairly safely and following the flow of traffic. The officer could have told the drivers that they were swerving a bit and of course, they'd have no evidence to say that they weren't. I was even tailed by an officer and it seemed like he was trying to gauge my speed using his own speed. The moment I slowed down a little bit, he switched lanes and took off; definitely dodged a bullet there. My point is this:  We as drivers need a way to provide evidence. It may seem pointless but I believe that we need to be able to drive knowing that unjustified tickets and fines can be fought in an efficient way rather than by the words of a police officer swearing he saw what he saw. I have a dashcam that I purchased from my company that allows me to feel a bit more confident. I initially bought it because it was just another gadget for me to play with as well as it just simply Given its features such as GPS tracking, the g sensor(allows for speed tracking), and of course the HD quality camera, you have a small bit of evidence that can ultimately aid you in any unjustified police action if it goes to court. By looking at the video footage, you can see if you were actually swerving at the place the officer is referring to as well as track how fast you were going if speeding was an "issue." The system, also known as a black box, may be a bit pricey but its nothing compared to how much we may have to pay for a reckless driving ticket we know we didn't deserve. So protect yourself and give yourself a way out. Regards, Soltech Security (Dan)   500(2)

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