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Samsung PetCam WiFi Video Pet Monitor
The Samsung PetCam WiFi camera is designed to keep an eye on your furry friends. Samsung brings you the best in electronics and the PetCam is the newest innovation in pet monitoring. Simply connect the PetCam to your router with the enclosed network cable and your system will automatically detect the camera. Then go to samsungsmartcam.com, create an account, register your camera, give it a personalized name and you’re finished. You can even use your Android phone or iPhone to set up your account and camera, instead of a computer, using the FREE Samsung app. Disconnect the network cable and place the PetCam anywhere within your WiFi network signal range. Then plug in the PetCam and you’re ready to watch your pet! View the PetCam on your mobile device including Android phones, iPhones, Android tablets, iPads, PC or Mac. The PetCam has a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way talk. Even at night, the built-in illuminators allow you to see your pet in complete darkness up to 20 ft away.

Better IP Solution
Bandwith friendly with SmartConnect technology!!!
Typical Operation
Streamed video is distributed by remote server. If there is a high user demand this may from time to time result ina delay to the video stream.
Smart Connect
Once authenticated with one-time verification, video streaming is sent only when saving captured video triggered by an event or when logging in to view your camera live.
Simple Setup
Simply connect, create an account and view your pet!!!
View and Control from Any Device
You can remotely view live video from Smart Phones (Android*/iPhone), Mac, and Windows.
Free Secure Cloud Storage
Automatically upload 30-second video clips to your private password secured YouTube account.
The smart detection technology records pre-event video beginning 5 seconds before the actual event.
Built-in Mic and Speaker for Two Way Talk
Use two-way talk to speak to your pet. The PetCam’s built-in speaker not only allows you to hear what is going on, but with the push of a button, you can communicate with your pet.
Built-in IR LED Lamps for Night vision
Even at night, you are able to view video from your camera up to 20 ft using the built-in IR illuminators.
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