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Security 101 Part 1: Security Camera System Basics for every regular Joe

September 14, 2015

Not to long ago, I posted a picture up on Pinterest in the hopes that customers as well as my general group of readers would find it helpful. I realize that reaching everyone who is interested in installing security cameras is practically impossible; however, I hope to make the process for those who do stumble across our blog a little bit easier. Starting Out It's terribly hard when beginning to make your choice about security camera systems. For the most part, many sales reps will speak to you in a completely different language as most tech enthusiasts usually do. Let me assure you, It's be because we want to confuse the general public, but it's more so because we just...

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SDC-7340BC vs. SDC-8440BC : 720TVL compared to the 720p HD over Analog video footage Sample and Explanation

August 25, 2015

You've probably heard about 720 TVL cameras and of course, 720p HD is no stranger any more either. We have these terms thrown around all over the place in the security camera industry; 720p HD is thrown around all over the digital video media industry. It's quite easy to confuse one over the other because of two things:   They both start off with the numbers 720... It can be confusing, believe it or not. On smaller screens, they can look almost identical in quality   There's always one bit of information I give to all my customers; " If you truly want to see the difference in quality of the cameras, you'll have to zoom in." In many situations...

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