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An Introduction to the Samsung SmartCam HD Plus

April 26, 2016

Upon the release of Samsung’s latest IP Camera, the SmartCam HD Plus (SNH-V6414), we were excited to test this camera out. We recently received these cameras and have had a chance to test them and play around with the features. Samsung SmartCam HD Plus SNH-6414BMR (Refurbished) If you’re somewhat familiar to the SmartCam products, then you’ll quickly be able to notice that the design of this camera is extremely different from previous models. First  and foremost, the color of this camera is black while previous SmartCams had all been white. This alone makes the camera more discreet in addition to the design of this new model. As noted by many who tested this camera, the design strikingly resembles that of the NestCam. Below...

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FAQ for SEW-3043W BrightVIEW Baby Monitor

March 29, 2016

With the release of SEW-3043W in January 2016, this baby monitor has definitely grown in popularity. As a result, we have begun to receive many questions regarding this product from curious customers. This FAQ will serve as the ultimate guide if you are considering purchasing your own SEW-3043 baby monitor. If there are any additional questions, please let us know in the comments section below☺ Will the SEW-3043W work with Samsung’s previous baby monitor cameras such as the SEB-1019R (SEW-3036W Camera) or the SEP-1001R (SEW-3037W Camera)? Unfortunately, the two cameras SEP-1001R and the SEB-1019R are not compatible with the new SEW-3043W baby monitor. Due to changes in the hardware of the new baby monitor with an upgrade to HD quality imaging...

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