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Samsung Hybrid HD Systems use RJ-45; can I use my old RJ-45 Cameras with these systems?

July 02, 2015

So today I decided I would clarify a situation that seems to be baffling a lot of customers. Normally the simple answer would be that they don't work; however, because of an issue I saw recently, I thought this would be a helpful way of clarifying the situation. So the topic for today: I have older RJ-45 cameras from an old Samsung system; can I use them with my Hybrid HD system that has RJ-45 ports?  If in the case that you have purchased the Samsung Hybrid System in the hopes that you could use your older cameras, you'll have ports that look like the image below: That being said, I'm sorry to tell you that they do not work....

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Samsung Security Systems & Warranty (manufacturer warranty) Issues

June 18, 2015

So I've been going through some of the sites where customers have bought systems and have left reviews. After perusing through some of these reviews, I find that either the items were probably bought from illegitimate sellers or they are completely irrelevant. I'll be covering the warranty claiming process here today as it seems to be a confusing one that is giving a lot of people trouble; so here we go.  As many of you know, most electronics, if not all, come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Whether it is your cell phone, computer, radio, cd player (not sure if these are still used), or your security system, most of these items will come with some sort of warranty....

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